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Are you looking for a certified, trustworthy electrician in the Hamilton, Ontario area? Then look no further; we are an established electrical contractor in the area. For over 15 years we have serviced residential and commercial projects, and currently service the Greater Hamilton Area.

A booming former steel town, this growing metropolis is a beautiful mixture of the old and new. Since opening shop in Hamilton, we have been servicing homeowners and businesses in this booming hub of culture and history.

Part of Hamilton’s charm resides in the architectural aesthetic of the homes. A lovely mixture of Civil War and Victorian architecture nestled between homes constructed pre and post World Wars I and II. These types of builds bring with them copious electrical issues whether they be DIY electrical jobs done by former homeowners, knob and tube, aluminum wiring, etc. Electrical wiring systems got safer as the 1940s pressed on, but the sizing of those systems typically didn’t match household demands. All the electrical needs of one room or even two were often piled onto the same circuit, the culprit in causing that sudden dimming of the lights when a refrigerator or other major appliance kicked in. If you suspect that your home has undersized power support, call in our expert electricians.

Residential electrical services we offer Hamilton

We have the expertise to handle any home electrical work you might need. We've seen it all over the years and there is nothing you can throw at us that we can't do. Whether you have a small electrical repair or a full blown installation, you can rest easy knowing our dedicated, certified electricians can provide the solution. 

A select list of residential services we offer:

We also offer Hamilton commercial electrical services

In addition to our residential services, we also do commercial work. We'll make sure your commercial building or local business is always running smoothly. We know that electrical emergencies can strike at any time which is why we're available around the clock 24 hours a day. Never stress again!

A select list of commercial services we offer:

Our electricians are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. 

We make it a priority to put customer care and safety above anything else and this is why we provide 24-hour emergency service regardless of the weather. We offer fast, friendly, reliable electrical service and our electricians are available when you need us. Our ESA licensed and certified electricians know exactly how to handle any job we may come across in Hamilton with ease and honesty.

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What Our Clients Say

Extremely impressed with Kevin’s customer service. I called him around 10 am in the morning and he made it to my place before 3 pm the same day. He gave some very helpful tips and suggestions on how to improve the electrical issues in our home. We would definitely call him back for any future electrical work in our home and I would highly recommend him to family and friends.

5 out of 5
June 18th 2015