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Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting

electrician voltage indicatorWe know those flickering lights, smoking plug outlets and power outages can be scary for a homeowner, but you can relax knowing we'lll be there to fix your problem whether it be large or small. We handle all types of common electrical repairs that occur around your house and even any unique ones that pop up.

With over 15 years experience, we stand ready to troubleshoot any electrical issues you may have. Lights dimming, breakers tripping, smoke alarms or any type of electrical failure, we will get it fixed right the first time. Regardless of what your electrical issue is, we'll make it right for you guaranteed. 

We know how difficult it can be to understand your electrical problems and the need for speed when it comes to finding and fixing the electrical concern. Our electricians are highly skilled and with 24-hour service availability your problems will be discovered, solutions presented and a fair price quoted no matter the time of day. Our electricians are certified and can diagnose symptoms and provide solutions to your electrical problems. We deal with these types of problems all the time and a properly trained and licensed electrician often easily solves what seems like a major problem to a client.

electrician repair toolsTroubleshooting means we analyze the operation of a faulty circuit to determine what is wrong. We then identify the defective components and repair the circuit. This is usually a fairly easy task, but at times the symptoms and the faulty components can be hard to diagnose. Defective outlets, flickering lights, and visual signs are easy to spot, but those problems that seem to come up every once in a while that are hidden behind walls can be harder to see. 

We approach the problem in a systematic way, explaining the process to you along the way, while minimizing the steps needed to diagnose and rule out any errors. 

We use a 5 step approach to diagnosing and solving your electrical concern.

  1. Listen: We listen carefully to what your issues and concerns are.
  2. Analyze: We analyze the situation carefully before beginning any work.
  3. Look: We look to see what has changed and may be causing your problem.
  4. Isolate: We isolate the problem or area of concern that needs the repair work.
  5. Repair: We make the necessary repairs, up to safety standards, and work efficiently to ensure our work has been done safely, to code and to our client’s satisfaction.

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The very best customer service, thrilled with the work and will recommend and use Stack Electric in the future. A gem of a find for personal one on one service.

5 out of 5
June 18th 2015

Our Service Locations

We have offices in both Hamilton and St. Catharines to better serve you. In each city we'll travel roughly an hour away to come to you for any electrical problems you might have. You can learn more by visiting our city pages below or just contact us.