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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some common questions we get. As always, if there is any further questions you have, please contact us and we'll be glad to answer it.

How Much Do You Charge Per Hour?

The price we quote is for the whole job, it includes all the parts, all the labour and any permits we may need. We don’t charge by the hour, we charge by the job. By doing it this way you are not penalized if the electrician takes longer. We have determined, after years of experience, the average pricing for most jobs. You don’t have to worry about how long the job is taking or whether you will have to pay if the electrician leaves your job to get parts. At Stack Electric we don’t cut any corners.

Do You Do Residential Work?

Yes, we do. Residential service and repair accounts for approximately 90% of our work.

Is My Job Too Small For You?

NO! There is no job too small. For some elderly clients, we have even gone out to change a light bulb. Whatever your needs we are happy to meet them.

How Fast Can I Get Someone To Do The Work?

Bookings depend on our workload, but we will get there as quick as possible. All our service trucks are cell phone dispatched for instant communication. We pride ourselves on offering 24-hour 7 day a week service.

If I Hire A Licensed Electrician, How Does This Protect Me?

You are protected because Stack Electric electricians carry an active general liability policy, automobile policy, and workman’s compensation insurance policy in order to perform business on your property.

Can’t I Just Do My Own Electrical Wiring Repair Work?

If you need to pull a permit you will have to be licensed by the province. Other things to consider include: Do you know what the load calculation is for your homes electrical usage? Do you know what it takes to make the electrical repairs up to Ontario Electrical Safety Code? Did you know that when you sell your home, your electrical system has to meet current codes and inspections? If you answered no to these questions you’d be better off calling Stack Electric as we are ESA certified, trained and know how to answer yes to each of these questions.

Do You Have To Be Licensed By The Province To Work As An Electrician In Ontario?

Yes. Even if you are just working as a helper you must carry an apprentice license. What you should know about electrical permits & codes is that before starting any electrical installation you should check with the city to see if a permit is required. One of the benefits of using Stack Electric is that we handle the permit process for you. Our electrical wiring jobs are done according to Ontario Electrical Safety Code. This is the governing body when it comes to calling city inspectors and meeting city codes.